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Why I purchased the 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT

600ex-rt example 1 image

Why I paid more and bought the Canon 600EX-RT speedlight

I recently became the owner of a few new pieces of gear. I bought these pieces in order to help progress my photography career. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased some off camera flash. I bought the Canon 600EX-RT and the radio trigger ST-E3-RT. To be honest I probably should have bought some cheaper equipment to start learning off camera flash before now. The sudden change came because I am now doing portrait work and needed to invest in a flash system. There are many options out there for flash and to narrow it down I had to focus on my needs. My list was as follows.

  • Plenty of power to light my subject.
  • Reliable flash firing (few to no misfires).
  • Radio controllable since I was going to be putting my flash inside a softbox and would have no line of sight, also for the freedom of being cordless.
  • TTL metering, TTL is a great way to have your camera do a lot of the work for you in figuring out how much flash is needed.
  • Quick recycle times.
  • Scalability to add additional flashes without issue later.

This list pointed to one possible solution. The Canon 600EX-RT and the remote trigger ST-E3-RT. This system would give me big powerful flash, TTL, wireless control, and scalability . I tend to go big or go home and this the setup was the obvious choice. It cost me almost $900 but this is a solid system. No cables, reliable, powerful. It has it all.

Once I read the instructions on how to link my flash to the trigger it was a reliable flash system. It was intuitive to use and very easy to navigate. I have not used flash very much and this system was very easy to pick up and use. The TTL was amazing. It worked to illuminate subject after subject with spot on exposure. It was a pleasant way to learn the principles of flash photography. Here are a few photos that I took using the new flash system the first weekend I had it.


 [photo_frame frame_style=”rounded”][/photo_frame]

This image would not have been possible to expose properly without my 600EX-RT. I was able to expose the bright sky and my subject (my beautiful wife).

[photo_grid photos=”3082,3081,3080,3079″ layout=”22″ fancybox=”true”]

These photos were all taken with TTL on my 600EX-RT. This stands for through the lens. The flash sends a preflash out so quickly you can not even see it. It meters the scene and calculates how much flash based on where your focus is. This is usually the subject so it gives it priority and sends different quantities of light out to illuminate that subject. All on its own without any tinkering by me. Its a great system, and its not cheating at all. That is exactly why I bought such an expensive flash system. I am still getting used to a few of the settings. It is more extensive than I had originally thought, however its not difficult. I look forward to posting more about my 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT trigger and the things I learn using them both.

So far I have been making all of my camera purchases from BHphoto. They  ship quick, they take care of me well, and I am happy with them.



5 thoughts on “Why I purchased the 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT”

  1. What a difference! The only thing that to me seems a little out of place is the shadow on Rebekah’s face that makes it look like unnatural lighting.

    • The shadow on her face is caused by the glass she was holding. I was messing with the flash output on each shot and this happens to be the best one from that series, so I had to go with it.

    • Also, its is the angle of the light, that low light causes shadow to appear in places we aren’t accustomed to seeing it in. Up lighting like this is a huge factor in the look not being quite right.

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