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Brief History


My name is Jacob Macias. In 2007 I started doing product photography for an online retailer by shooting their products for catalog usage. Back then I thought I was pretty damn good, now I am embarrassed to even look at the work I was doing let alone let others see it. I have since re-shot that company's entire 3200 part catalog. They got me started down this road and I have certainly learned a lot because of that experience. It led me down an entirely different career path and I will always be grateful to those that have helped by believing in me along the way.

Nowadays you can find me exploring many genres, both paid and personal works. I get paid to shoot ultimately two genres of photography: hospitality and product. Hospitality started by photographing hotels, specifically showcasing rooms and amenities for marketing purposes. My skills at shooting interiors have evolved and now I photograph real estate properties for MLS listings, interior spaces for designers and buildings for architects, essentially selling homes and bolstering portfolios. Another avenue of hospitality is food photography, which is also produced for marketing purposes. I have used my product photography experience to branch into the food and beverage industries.

My personal works are mainly focused on travel photography. I try to travel to a new location once a month and have taken so many pictures, I might never leave the studio again while I cull and edit those images. I am expecting my first child early 2017 and because of that I think I will be getting into infant photography as a personal hobby quite soon =).

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