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Historic Home in Livermore

I got an email from a homeowner one afternoon, she told me that she...
21st Sep 17

Stone Brewing

Stone Brewings epic bottle photography When we set out to create unique images for Stone...
4th Aug 16
Display 4 by Bottle Photographer

Humboldt Distillery

Big time bottle photography for Humboldt Distillery The bottle photography for Humboldt Distillery started...
10th Jun 16
Image of Walnut Creek Real Estate Photography 4

Out with the old

OUT WITH THE OLD THE JOB Being a bay area real estate photographer I...
8th Dec 15
Beating the Flow

Beating the Flow

Learning a new camera trick is both refreshing and exciting for me. I say...
28th Apr 15

Roem Baur

My buddy Roem Baur (You can find his music and site here ) was...
22nd Apr 15


Recently I have been reading about shooting with a specific goal in mind. To...
14th Apr 15

LeAnn & Doug Portrait Session

I recently finished work for LeAnn and her boyfriend Doug. I shot some great...
6th Apr 15

Steak House Shoot

I recently finished some commercial work for a local steak house shoot. I was...
21st Oct 14
Bell tower

Mission Bells

Mission Bells – Taken at San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission in Monterey, CA...
24th Sep 14

Smoke Trails

“Smoke Trails” is a personal photography project of mine to capture smoke. There were...
18th Sep 14
600ex-rt example 1 image

Why I purchased the 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT

With so many off camera flash model available today I needed to be sure...
16th Sep 14
Image of Farmhouse Road

Farmhouse Road

This blog features yet another picture from my Highway 1 travels. I call this...
26th Aug 14
Image of International Statement

International Statement

My wife and I were visiting one of our favorite day trip locations when...
21st Aug 14
image of tiny town 2

Tiny Towns

In this picture that I call Tiny Towns I used perspective control to help...
19th Aug 14
Image of heavenly formations

Morro Bay CA

Living on the west coast I have become accustomed to the unique landscape photography...
14th Aug 14

Changing Room for Winners

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love shooting California missions. To learn...
7th Aug 14
Image of Cross on White

Cross on White

I call this image Cross on White. It was shot while I was visiting...
5th Jun 14
image of star bright

Star Bright

I have a always been drawn to the missions in California. There are 21...
29th May 14
Image of Smith be unto God

Smith be Unto God

Ok seriously. I do not try to spend my time in graveyards, but between...
19th May 14

Deaths Door

I call this image deaths door. This is a door leading in from a...
8th May 14


This image is titled ‘Merchandise’.  I was in a store the other day, a...
5th May 14
Image of Dinghy Done

Dinghy Done

As I stood on the deck shooting the tall masts juxtaposed against each other...
29th Apr 14
Image of Seeing Me

Seeing Me

My idea for this photo which is titled Seeing Me was to get in...
22nd Apr 14
Crop for focus image

Crop for focus

I live very close to a rather large community of windmills. When I was...
17th Apr 14
Image of "Textured Shroom"


This little mushroom cap was laying out on the dry, hot, cracked earth. It...
15th Apr 14
Image of Vineyards Abound in Livermore ShotByJacob

Vineyards Abound in Livermore 2

This is one of my favorite images from the vineyards in Livermore, CA. I...
11th Apr 14
Image of Jumpseat to Hells Fire

Jumpseat to Hells Fire

Photowalks have become my new favorite thing to do with my camera. I can...
8th Apr 14
Image of Steps of Gradation

Steps of Gradation

Steps of Gradation is an image I took while I was in San Jose,...
2nd Apr 14
Picutre of Can't beat em, join em

Can’t Beat em Join em

I took this image from a photowalk I had with my wife at Brush...
1st Apr 14
Picture of Livermore vineyard

Vineyards Abound in Livermore

I took this shot on a recent photowalk that my wife and I were...
27th Mar 14
Picture of the golden gate bridge

City Dump

I chose the humorous title of City Dump because this view is anything but...
6th Mar 14

Memento for Uncle

My wife and I went on a walk the other evening but unlike most...
5th Mar 14
An image of my de Young image

De Young

I took this image in San Francisco. My wife and I were leaving the...
4th Mar 14

Whats the Point

This image started as a jumble mess of information. Let me show you how...
28th Feb 14
Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Things have changed drastically for me in the beginning of the new year in...
27th Feb 14

Not Where you Think

Thought of the Shot – Livermore, CA – Not Where you Think A blog...
12th Feb 14

The Wharf

My Crappy Camera A blog dedicated to show everyone that a crappy camera can...
5th Feb 14
Image of Catching Sun

Catching Sun

My Crappy Camera A blog dedicated to show everyone that a crappy camera can...
30th Jan 14
Contempt for Gravity

Contempt for Gravity

Thought of the Shot A blog to show you step by step how I...
25th Jan 14

Sycamore Grove Park in January

My Crappy Camera A blog dedicated to show everyone that...
23rd Jan 14
side by side2

Lawn Chairs

My Crappy Camera A blog dedicated to show everyone that a crappy camera can...
20th Nov 13

My Crappy Camera

A blog dedicated to show everyone that a crappy camera can take amazing photos...
15th Nov 13

North Coast- Fort Bragg, CA Day 3

Travel Photography from my vacation in Fort Bragg, CA Early...
11th Nov 13
Write a Novel Image

North Coast- Fort Bragg, CA Day 2

Travel Photography from my vacation in Fort Bragg, CA The...
3rd Nov 13

North Coast- Fort Bragg, CA Day 1

Travel Photography from my vacation in Fort Bragg, CA I was excited to embark...
26th Oct 13
New York Trip-7

What I saw in New York City

My wife and I took our first trip to The Big Apple on the...
22nd Jun 13

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