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Can’t Beat em Join em

Picutre of Can't beat em, join em

I took this image from a photowalk I had with my wife at Brush Peaks Regional Park in Livermore, CA. I was out to solely to train my eye to see texture and form. I have been on monotone kick for the last few week and I have really enjoyed it. Following the rule to always be looking around I happened to be observing the cracked earth all over the path we were travelling on. I saw various patterns that I shot while walking, until I came to this leaf. It was part of the feel, because it is weathered and cracked, but it also broke up the pattern. I chose to let it be a dynamic tension in the photo and positioned my camera to have it point diagonally into the frame, or out, if that is the way you are viewing it. In either case, this image worked very well with a quasi sepia tone.


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Can’t Beat em Join em

 1/250 sec at f/4.0 ISO 100

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