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Catching Sun

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My next installment is a fairly simple subject with big time pop. This is afforded because of the placement of the subject. The more I shoot the more I realize that the rule of thirds is where anyone should start. Placing that subject right on one of the intersecting 1/3 lines (more on that rule from a great blog HERE)  The rule is just so damn harmonious. It brings balance and subject focus. Of course there is more to this photo than simple subject placement. I also give credit to the extremely small depth of field. This is a very small section, maybe an inch of the center of the flower that is in focus. In front of and behind that 1 inch the focus falls off. This selective focus helps attract your eye to the subject, the center of the flower. Now, it is commonly held that a large aperture would create such an out of focus throw like this but it is not true in this case. Would you believe I shot this at f4.5? Yup, I did. I was just extremely close. The closer you are to your subject the more you can fake a higher aperture and thus throw things out of focus. The complimentary colors is also a pleasing effect. The red and green that is found naturally are complimentary of each other which naturally set a tranquility to the whole image. They play nice with each other. Like Buster Posey and the entire pitching staff for the San Francisco Giants. They just mesh. (Maybe not catch a perfect game mesh, but pretty good) I did do a slight reduction of the vibrancy for this photo. This helps accentuate the complementary colors and placement. Without further adieu I give you “Catching Sun”


Image of Catching Sun

Catching Sun

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