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Category : Black & White

28 Apr 2015
Beating the Flow

Beating the Flow

Learning a new camera trick is both refreshing and exciting for me. I say refreshing not because “I know it all” but I have seen so many “tricks/tips” that I rarely raise my eyebrows because of something new. There is so much of the same regurgitated rhetoric out there that if you spend any time at all browsing the web you are bound to see the same ol’ hook over and over again. So what could possibly have piqued my […]

14 Apr 2015


Recently I have been reading about shooting with a specific goal in mind. To go out on a photowalk and shoot a color, a shape, an idea or really just whatever theme you can think of. I have read that it releases you to see just that theme in your environment. It helps you to cut through the clutter of your surroundings and hone in on an idea. On this photowalk that I took with my wife I wanted to do just […]

24 Sep 2014
Bell tower

Mission Bells

Mission Bells – Taken at San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission in Monterey, CA While admiring the immaculate grounds at the Monterey Mission I decided that I wanted to practice my graphic focused photography. I started by turning my camera off and then let my eyes just wander. I was not looking for anything in particular. I just wanted to clear my mind, refresh my perspective and see things anew. I sat on a small stone fence and just soaked it all […]

05 Jun 2014
Image of Cross on White

Cross on White

I call this image Cross on White. It was shot while I was visiting the mission in San Jose, CA. As soon as I saw this scene I knew I wanted to produce it in black and white. Being black and white I knew that the shapes I was so evidently seeing would be even more pronounced. The sun was high in the sky and it was creating very dramatic shadows and hard contrast all over the scene. The cross itself was very […]

05 May 2014


This image is titled ‘Merchandise’.  I was in a store the other day, a no doubt very catholic store, and seeing the selection of crucifixes took me back to my childhood.  I remember a crucifix hanging in my grandparents’ house.  As a young boy I read the word INRI above the form of Jesus and thought that was how you spelled Jesus in Spanish since my grandparents are Mexican.  I had to chuckle at my ingenuous and young mind.  I […]

02 Apr 2014
Image of Steps of Gradation

Steps of Gradation

Steps of Gradation is an image I took while I was in San Jose, California. The sun was getting low and I wanted to use the angle of the sun to help add dimension to the rest of the photos I was going to take. I looked for objects that would have strong shadow play that would create depth. This tall scene was perfect. The foundation of rock had terrific contrast running along  the veins of the old stones. The tera cota […]