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21 Sep 2017

Historic Home in Livermore

I got an email from a homeowner one afternoon, she told me that she was looking to make some images of her home as a keepsake and that she loved my style of photography. She had just completed renovations on her historic home in Livermore and wanted images to showcase all of the finishing touches. Being a real estate photographer, I was sure I could give her what she wanted and was intrigued: it’s not too often people want to […]

10 Jun 2016
Display 4 by Bottle Photographer

Humboldt Distillery

Big time bottle photography for Humboldt Distillery The bottle photography for Humboldt Distillery started with an email to the company telling them how I liked their bottle design and how I would like to do some work with their brand. I received a shipment with their entire line within a few days and I began to produce the work below. Humboldt Distillery founded in 2012 is a young distillery located near the California coastline. Abe Stevenson, a chemistry graduate, decided to trade his biotechnology job for some […]

08 Dec 2015
Image of Walnut Creek Real Estate Photography 4

Out with the old

OUT WITH THE OLD THE JOB Being a bay area real estate photographer I had the opportunity to document a total home remodel for a client in Walnut Creek, CA. My client had wanted to do a large-scale remodel project  as a gift to her father. The entire home was completely renovated from top to bottom. When I say everything I mean everything, even going as far as all the windows, landscaping and even the garage door was updated. The father […]

22 Apr 2015

Roem Baur

My buddy Roem Baur (You can find his music and site here ) was in town last week and he invited me to his show. He was playing at Tap 25, if you are in the East Bay and you find yourself needing to whet your whistle I recommend this place for sure (more info here ) The show was great of course, he has some amazing pipes and thats probably why he ended up on The Voice, although he […]

21 Oct 2014

Steak House Shoot

I recently finished some commercial work for a local steak house shoot. I was put in charge of delivering three genres of photography for them. Product photography (plated food), architectural and lifestyle. Although I shoot product day in and day out this was going to be different. In my studio I have time to position the product and shape the light, enhance highlights or shadows and work my product to the final concept. With the steak house shoot I had […]