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21 Aug 2014
Image of International Statement

International Statement

My wife and I were visiting one of our favorite day trip locations when I saw this truck out front of an old auto repair shop. I was immediately drawn to its bright red hood ornament and face mask like grill. The grill reminding me of optimus prime. I thought it was so cool and immediately took off to shoot it from as many angles as I thought would look good. I popped on my ultra wide 17-40mm and went to […]

29 Apr 2014
Image of Dinghy Done

Dinghy Done

As I stood on the deck shooting the tall masts juxtaposed against each other in this scene  I saw this small craft making its way through the scene. Typically my first reaction would be to wait for it to pass out of my frame. This time however I quickly thought of letting it add to my scene. I knew I wanted a couple of things to happen to draw attention to it. 1. I knew that in order to draw attention […]

22 Apr 2014
Image of Seeing Me

Seeing Me

My idea for this photo which is titled Seeing Me was to get in tight on the light and allow the perception to take the lines diagonally through the fame to lead your eyes front to back. To help isolate the idea I chose a black and white format. This helps to subtract the distraction that the bright show stopping fire engine red color was doing to my image. I chose a large aperture to create a shallow depth of […]

17 Apr 2014
Crop for focus image

Crop for focus

I live very close to a rather large community of windmills. When I was younger I used to travel through this seemingly endless field of tall white towers on my way to see my grandparents. They actually made me car sick, I guess because I wouldn’t look away. Nowadays I live a short 5 minute drive from them and I surprised myself by having only one other photo of them, I would show it to you, but it is gross. […]

15 Apr 2014
Image of "Textured Shroom"


This little mushroom cap was laying out on the dry, hot, cracked earth. It was soaking up all the heat the sun could throw at it. Slowly decaying but refusing to succumb to the same dismal existence that had befallen its surroundings just yet. I was immediately moved to document its resilience to the elements that were attempting to break it. Trampled and beaten, battered and bruised this mushroom cap mocked its transgressor in a style fitting a cavalier battle worn […]

11 Apr 2014
Image of Vineyards Abound in Livermore ShotByJacob

Vineyards Abound in Livermore 2

This is one of my favorite images from the vineyards in Livermore, CA. I live fairly close to this one and I always find myself  staring up into the hills at all the vines. This became one of my favorites because of the dynamic shape. There is a very strong leading line taking you into the back of the frame. Then the playful curve of the hill takes you to the left and as you do, you notice the difference in […]

08 Apr 2014
Image of Jumpseat to Hells Fire

Jumpseat to Hells Fire

Photowalks have become my new favorite thing to do with my camera. I can really focus down into the creation of my image. Unless I use this focus I find myself just creating another casual snap shot rather than exercising my skills. I have been studying and learning photography for a good portion of my life now, and it is only when I purposely slow down that I can use my knowledge and create in a language all my own. […]

01 Apr 2014
Picutre of Can't beat em, join em

Can’t Beat em Join em

I took this image from a photowalk I had with my wife at Brush Peaks Regional Park in Livermore, CA. I was out to solely to train my eye to see texture and form. I have been on monotone kick for the last few week and I have really enjoyed it. Following the rule to always be looking around I happened to be observing the cracked earth all over the path we were travelling on. I saw various patterns that […]

27 Mar 2014
Picture of Livermore vineyard

Vineyards Abound in Livermore

I took this shot on a recent photowalk that my wife and I were enjoying. It was a beautiful, perfect day. A day that we have become accustomed to in the Bay Area, we certainly were going to take advantage. There is a local vineyard right outside our neighborhood and I had been meaning to scale the steep hills since moving into our condo a little over a year ago. There are 53 wineries in my hometown of Livermore and […]

06 Mar 2014
Picture of the golden gate bridge

City Dump

I chose the humorous title of City Dump because this view is anything but a city dump. The old rusting debris of pipes only adds the history of this great city. We don’t have to be told, we all know this is San Francisco. Of all the things I shoot in the bay area this bridge is my most favorite. It is alive! It breathes a new demeanor every time I frame it up in my viewfinder. If I ever […]