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Category : Travel Photography

26 Aug 2014
Image of Farmhouse Road

Farmhouse Road

This blog features yet another picture from my Highway 1 travels. I call this one Farmhouse Roads. This trip was all about leisure. We were taking our time driving down the 1, we had ample time until we would arrive at our next destination which was only about a 2 hour drive from Moneterey. I wanted to fully immerse myself into my craft. If I saw something that caught my eye then my obligation to myself was to stop and shoot […]

14 Aug 2014
Image of heavenly formations

Morro Bay CA

Living on the west coast I have become accustomed to the unique landscape photography that is here. During the fourth of July I decided to take my wife down to West Hollywood to visit some good friends of ours, Ashley and Jason. Our plan was to drive down and stay in a few of the coastal towns along the way. One of our overnight stays was going to be at one such pronounced landmark city, Morro Bay CA. Upon arriving in Morro […]

11 Nov 2013

North Coast- Fort Bragg, CA Day 3

[photo_grid photos=”2292,2296,2295,2294,2293″ layout=”32″ fancybox=”false”] Travel Photography from my vacation in Fort Bragg, CA Early the next morning we walked onto the beach to get a few more pictures of the ocean before we headed back home. On the edge of town we drove by a marina with a bunch of ships docked. After finding our way down to it we got out to walk on the docks. A couple old ships caught my eye with a grungy look that made […]

03 Nov 2013
Write a Novel Image

North Coast- Fort Bragg, CA Day 2

[photo_grid photos=”2303,2302,2301,2300″ layout=”31″ fancybox=”false”] Travel Photography from my vacation in Fort Bragg, CA The next morning we were greeted by sounds of seagulls and crashing waves . Opening our balcony doors let the salty smell of the water in, the typical cool ocean breeze wafted into our room. I for one was ready to see and do more. After a quick breakfast we got on our bikes and rode north on an old logging trail right outside our hotel. There […]

26 Oct 2013

North Coast- Fort Bragg, CA Day 1

Travel Photography from my vacation in Fort Bragg, CA I was excited to embark this particular morning on a trip that I had planned in secret for my wife. She knew when we were going on vacation but did not know where we were going. It was a trip comprised of a couple firsts. Our first trip as a married couple (outside our honeymoon of course) my first trip to the North Coast and my first trip shooting with a […]

22 Jun 2013
New York Trip-7

What I saw in New York City

My wife and I took our first trip to The Big Apple on the 10th anniversary of the World Trade center tragedy. We were a bit nervous being there because of the significance of a decade of remembering the fallen could have spawned another attack. We flew out there nonetheless Sept 9th, 2011 we had high expectations of the acclaimed metropolis. We were very excited as this was our first trip to the east coast together and what better way […]