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18 Sep 2014

Smoke Trails

“Smoke Trails” is a personal photography project of mine to capture smoke. There were many photography projects that I have put on my “To Do” list. Most of them could not be accomplished until I got off camera flash and a trigger. Luckily I am now the owner of a 600EX-RT mega awesome boss flash and a ST-E3-RT remote trigger. Smoke Trails was going to be my first project that I accomplished. I LOVE the way that┬ásmoke bends. It is […]

19 Aug 2014
image of tiny town 2

Tiny Towns

In this picture that I call Tiny Towns I used perspective control to help the focus of the image. This technique is a trademark of a Tilt and Shift lens right out of camera, however with the digital age it can be replicated very quickly in post. I will take you through the process so that you can add it to some of your works. [photo_frame frame_style=”rounded”][/photo_frame] TINY TOWNS ISO 100 F/11 1/90sec Note: This effect tends to make it […]