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Changing Room for Winners

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love shooting California missions. To learn the history alone is enough to make me salivate but my most favorite thing to do at these places is to shoot them. Shoot the hell out of them, and then come and and reshoot the hell out of them. There are so many details in absolutely everything and I could spend a lot of time discovering and documenting them. I hope to always live close enough to California that I can make trips to the missions. In this particular mission, one of my favorites, Monterey California. I found myself using the reflection in this gigantic mirror in what I can only assume was a changing room for the dignitaries that worked here. The ornate robes and garments were impressive in design and complexity, it was only fitting to see yourself in an equally elaborate mirror. Large gold encrusted wooden frame and green marble inlay were quite majestic for the meager building itself. I love this stuff, it is my soap opera. I wanted to used the frame itself to frame my subject, the robes. The room itself housed dozens of them, all on display to showcase the intricate detail work, the jewels gleamed from the light of the very large window set right in the center of the room opposite the mirror. I even paused before leaving to fix my hair on my way out.

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Changing Room for Winners
ISO 100 f/11 1.5sec



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