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City Dump

Picture of the golden gate bridge

I chose the humorous title of City Dump because this view is anything but a city dump. The old rusting debris of pipes only adds the history of this great city. We don’t have to be told, we all know this is San Francisco. Of all the things I shoot in the bay area this bridge is my most favorite. It is alive! It breathes a new demeanor every time I frame it up in my viewfinder. If I ever leave the area I will truly miss this bridge. It is gorgeous and I love it.

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Of course this would not be a Jacob Macias blog without a few specifications about this particular shot and how I achieved it. This shot was just after sunset. As a reminder to everyone that likes sunset shooting, stick around after the fireworks of the sunset has subsided. The colors become cool (bluer) and you can get some dramatic lighting as a backdrop for subjects. What better color to use than a complimentary color like this orange bridge! Sticking around after sunset is going to make you have to adjust your typical settings quite a bit. For this image I shot a 10 second exposure. Don’t forget your tripod. You do have a tripod don’t you? I did this for a few reasons, I wanted a deeper focus front to back so I shot with a f/9.5, that will increase the shutter to expose the scene properly, otherwise it would have been grossly underexposed. The second reason I wanted a long shutter was to smooth out the water. The water here was pouring over the rocks and that is what is causing the mist look on top of the ocean water. So, there you have it. Stick around after sunset, use a tripod, drop that shutter speed, increase that depth of field and keep shootin’.

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