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De Young

An image of my de Young image

I took this image in San Francisco. My wife and I were leaving the De Young museum. I chose De Young as the title of this work. What made me want to shoot this image was the light and the color cast of the light. The sun was very low in the sky and the building was casting a line of shadow just below the top of the tree. The palm leaves were lit up by the setting sun. The complimentary colors of the orange glow of the sun and the blue sky are what initially caught my eye. Even though the color was what caused me to take the picture, it was important for me that I did not remain rigid on my final edit. I knew I liked the photo in color, because that was what made me stop and take a photo, but in color lacked good impact. I shoot my photography exclusively in color, most of us do, but it is always a good idea to keep in mind the possibility that the photo could look better in black and white.

In the end the best look for this photo is black and white. The black and white really helps to bring out my favorite aspects of this image. Which are the fabulous amounts of shape and form. The shape in this image is incredibly impactful. You can see it in spades with the wall of the building.  The wall has numerous shapes within its four corners, from the dimples in the metal, and the square forms of the tile that lead to long rectangles, even the shadow casts a hard black triangle. Shapes abound within the facade of the building. The grass is another huge feature that aids to the shape of the image. The form on the other hand is the dimension. The palm leaves have tons of form. You can see the sharp leaves and the depth of the shadows. The trunk has strong texture running from top to bottom. Another terrific element of the photo are the people. The broken pattern of the people sitting on the bench and the two ladies in the background giving size reference to the building, both make this image stronger. 


An image of my de Young image



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