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Dinghy Done

Image of Dinghy Done

As I stood on the deck shooting the tall masts juxtaposed against each other in this scene  I saw this small craft making its way through the scene. Typically my first reaction would be to wait for it to pass out of my frame. This time however I quickly thought of letting it add to my scene. I knew I wanted a couple of things to happen to draw attention to it. 1. I knew that in order to draw attention to it I had to be sure it was bright. I set my camera to spot metering and locked my exposure down on the boat. This made sure that my sensor was going to expose for the subject I wanted to be prominent, and that it wouldn’t miss. 2. I waited for the boat to fit nicely in my 1/3 composition. I placed it in the lower and left 1/3 position of the frame. This helps it to become a stronger image by following the rule of thirds. I also shot this with a longer aperture to make sure that the image was sharp into the distance. I wanted the viewer to be able to get lost in the multitude of boats.


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Dinghy Done

1/60 sec f/16 ISO 100

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