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Farmhouse Road

Image of Farmhouse Road

This blog features yet another picture from my Highway 1 travels. I call this one Farmhouse Roads. This trip was all about leisure. We were taking our time driving down the 1, we had ample time until we would arrive at our next destination which was only about a 2 hour drive from Moneterey. I wanted to fully immerse myself into my craft. If I saw something that caught my eye then my obligation to myself was to stop and shoot it. I drove by this scene and the bright yellow flowers caught my eye. I am the type of guy that becomes so focused that I seldom consider much else until my goal is met. I had to remind myself, practically aloud, that this was supposed to be a LEISURE trip. So, I turned around and headed back. There was a fence with a “No Trespassing” sign posted at the end of the road and I felt that with that restriction I was not going to get the composition I wanted. I had originally wanted to shoot close up with my wide lens in order to make my subject, the barn, look much larger in the frame. To get any shot all I had to pull out my telephoto for this one. In doing so I had to place my subject in a smaller section in the frame. I saw things that I might have missed, again by being so focused on my goal “the original composition” that I almost overlooked some other elements that end up making this photo what it is. The road leading to the barn is a terrific leading line that is strongly shooting diagonally through the frame. The yellow flowers are much more dominant and it gives a sense that it’s a large field of flowers and this barn is all but forgotten. A different feel that I would not have gotten had I been granted access to shoot the way I had wanted in the first place. Taking the opportunity to enjoy my day and shoot brought about photos that I had not originally seen but enjoy just the same as my longer production shots. I enjoyed the spontaneity of this trip and the lessons it taught. One of them being the old adage, take your time, enjoy the ride and the company because the ride is half the journey.

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FARMHOUSE ROAD ISO 100 f/27 1/10 sec

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