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Humboldt Distillery

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Big time bottle photography for Humboldt Distillery

The bottle photography for Humboldt Distillery started with an email to the company telling them how I liked their bottle design and how I would like to do some work with their brand. I received a shipment with their entire line within a few days and I began to produce the work below.

Humboldt Distillery founded in 2012 is a young distillery located near the California coastline. Abe Stevenson, a chemistry graduate, decided to trade his biotechnology job for some copper stills in Fortuna, CA. Making three distinct spirits – organic vodka, organic rum and a hemp infused vodka, Abe has seized the California spirit by bucking traditional ideas of what vodka and rum should look and taste like.

Being a young company certainly didn’t stand in the way of the bottles. Abe chose to carry his elixirs in bottles that featured a classic design with simple curves that make a strong statement. It was only fitting that when I undertook the bottle photography for his three spirits that the light was clean and crisp. The bottles’ shape and label are the stars here and a knocked out background would work for both online use and product placement usage.

Image of bottle photography

For the bottle photography on this stylized shot, I chose a muted grey plank board that was not necessarily polished or in pristine condition. Being from the coast, Abe chose a coastal animal theme for his two organic spirits. The crab and pelican were going to look fantastic with the background I chose, a slightly weathered board that helped showcase the products in a coastal theme.

Bottle photography of Humboldt Distillery Group

Overall, the bottle photography for this job was very enjoyable. I genuinely like the bottle with its clean lines. It reminded me of a shorter, fatter red wine bottle and the base of the bottle was thick, without defects in the glass. A well chosen bottle for a very cool new distillery.

You can check out Humboldt Distillery and their products at their website listed HERE.


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