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International Statement

Image of International Statement

My wife and I were visiting one of our favorite day trip locations when I saw this truck out front of an old auto repair shop. I was immediately drawn to its bright red hood ornament and face mask┬álike grill. The grill reminding me of optimus prime. I thought it was so cool and immediately took off to shoot it from as many angles as I thought would look good. I popped on my ultra wide 17-40mm and went to town. I knew my wide lens would help fill the frame and stretch the subject a bit and that was OK with me. Only thing I needed to remember was keep my lens perpendicular to the ground, because if you don’t keep a wide lens perpendicular it causes straight lines to lean and bend, fixable in post, but that is a horrible excuse to take a bad photo. I thought the slightly desaturated colors would help bring its age out, distressing the photo a little bit, other than remove a few stray power lines in the sky this is almost straight out of camera.

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ISO 100 f/8 1/350 sec

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