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Jumpseat to Hells Fire

Image of Jumpseat to Hells Fire

Photowalks have become my new favorite thing to do with my camera. I can really focus down into the creation of my image. Unless I use this focus I find myself just creating another casual snap shot rather than exercising my skills. I have been studying and learning photography for a good portion of my life now, and it is only when I purposely slow down that I can use my knowledge and create in a language all my own. Not to say that every photo I take on a photowalk is destined to adorn my walls but I can really get into the mindset of the capture. I can conceptualize and see an image much better, and then my experience takes over and I can execute with a more solid purpose. This particular photo walk presented to me a fire truck for a subject. I took over a dozen photos as I walked all around it. I was examining details that were contributing to a specific direction for that subject in a heightened awareness. This is applicable in everything you do, not just photography. Giving yourself a real chance to focus can do wonders in execution. You can apply the knowledge you posses in a greater impact if you can learn to quiet your thoughts, separate your channels and pour your energy into a single desire. My desire was to use my camera to a greater ability and to task my knowledge to produce something that I could only do after I have learned everything I have up to this point. Putting to work all that I have become as a photography into this walk. It is satisfying and liberating to push the limits, because only then can you truly know what your restrictions are and then learn how to get through them.


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I call this photo Jumpseat to Hells Fire. This is for my uncle, that dedicated a majority of his life to saving lives and property and all the firefighters that do the same. 


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