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This image is titled ‘Merchandise’.  I was in a store the other day, a no doubt very catholic store, and seeing the selection of crucifixes took me back to my childhood.  I remember a crucifix hanging in my grandparents’ house.  As a young boy I read the word INRI above the form of Jesus and thought that was how you spelled Jesus in Spanish since my grandparents are Mexican.  I had to chuckle at my ingenuous and young mind.  I wanted this picture to focus on shape, since the cross itself is such an impactful symbol in our society.  I chose black and white to more plainly see the separation of the crosses from the lighter background.  I kept getting a blur from the movement.  I was inside and there was not very great lighting.  To eliminate the blur I chose a 1/30 at 19mm and dropped my aperture down because I would not need a very long depth of field.  That left me with only one option: shoot a higher ISO, 640 for this shot.  Not a problem with my full frame and something I would not dare with my older Nikon.

[photo_frame frame_style=”outline”][/photo_frame]


ISO 640   f/4.0   1/30 sec

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