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Mission Bells

Bell tower

Mission Bells – Taken at San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission in Monterey, CA

While admiring the immaculate grounds at the Monterey Mission I decided that I wanted to practice my graphic focused photography. I started by turning my camera off and then let my eyes just wander. I was not looking for anything in particular. I just wanted to clear my mind, refresh my perspective and see things anew. I sat on a small stone fence and just soaked it all in for several uninterrupted minutes. I could see my environment come into focus. Slowly I was able to see just the shapes and in turn that led to pure composition. The strongest composition I could see was this very strong diagonal line leading to my subject. My subject was 1/3 of the frame, the sweet spot. It had depth and contrast. It was perfect. I dropped my f stop to a smaller size to maximize sharpness and therefore had to pop my ISO to 500. Thats OK, I trust my 6D with that setting. I took a couple shots of the scene. I knew that it was one of my strongest compositions at the location. When I finally saw it in post production I looked at it in both color and black and white. B&W is so much easier to see shape in so it was sorta a no brainer. I dropped the color out and this is what I was left with.


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Mission Bells
ISO 500 70mm f/22

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