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Morro Bay CA

Image of heavenly formations

Living on the west coast I have become accustomed to the unique landscape photography that is here. During the fourth of July I decided to take my wife down to West Hollywood to visit some good friends of ours, Ashley and Jason. Our plan was to drive down and stay in a few of the coastal towns along the way. One of our overnight stays was going to be at one such pronounced landmark city, Morro Bay CA. Upon arriving in Morro Bay you will just be finishing your decent from the very tall coastal roads of the renowned and personally recommended route of Hwy 1. We stopped at a turn out to stretch our legs. This is the first glimpse you can get of just how incredibly massive Morro Rock really is. The pictures online just simply do not do it justice. It is incredibly prominent. I took a few pictures of this 581ft colossal granite boulder from where we were.

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A short 15 minute drive from that turn out and we were in the little coastal town. We checked into our hotel, dropped off a majority of our things and went to discover what a sunset in Morro Bay was like. A few blocks away was the coastline and that is where we wanted to go. We traveled just to the left of the rock in the picture above. There was a very large parking area very near the base of the rock. From there we were able to see plenty of surfing action and I took a few pictures of the surfers.

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We headed back to the shops along the coast, parked the car and headed north. It didnt seem like the coast could have been more than a few miles long and we wanted to do a little exploring.  We found plenty of boats along the way and I had to snap a few photos of them.

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We walked back towards the restraunt row to find a place to settle down for some dinner. It was right on the water, we chose the deck seating and were rewarded with a spectacular sunset. I got my camera back out and took a few more pictures before the end of the light. One picture I took was of this strange cloud formation that stayed on top of the rock. Something about the air must have been keeping this cloud fueled because it was there for at least an hour. The sun was backlighting it to perfection and I had to get this shot.

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For this next shot I had to climb to the top of some stairs and onto a nearby roof and then I was able to have views of the entire bay. I saw this large sailboat pointed towards the sunset just soaking up the last moments of the sunset.

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We watched the sunset colors well into the night and after we were fed and full, the town was dark and sleepy, we headed back to our room.

Interesting notes about the city:

A 30 minute drive north is Hearst Castle where you can see opulence every bit as good as the Biltmore Estate

There is a much faster route to Morro Bay traveling the 101, (which will take you through Pasa Robles if you are traveling from Northern California, a GREAT wine town)

The average temperature year round is a terrifically cool 69 degrees.

If you are hoping to catch sight of the cutest marine mammals the Sea Otter you are in luck, there are plenty of sightings of these little guys trying to break open shellfish for a meal (in fact I photographed one).

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