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My Crappy Camera

A blog dedicated to show everyone that a crappy camera can take amazing photos

I should start this blog by stating that in no way am bitching about my camera.  In fact it is quite the opposite. Let me bring you up to speed. When I was in high school my best friend’s mom bought a camera that looked extremely complicated. It had switches and dials and buttons all over it. I was a techie even back then and I was enamored with it. When she took it out of the box to take a few pictures she looked confused and handed it to me and my friend to inspect it. That was my first time touching a DSLR. I didn’t know what a single number or letter on it meant except that the green “A” was automatic. I switched the dial over to the automatic mode and handed it back to her. She took a picture, looked at the screen smiled and said “thank you.” That was it, my entire experience with a DSLR. Seven and a half years ago I made my first camera purchase. I cannot tell you what make or model it was because I didn’t have it very long.  I took about 200 photos with it and then returned it. I just didn’t seem very convinced that this was going to be the system that would give me the best photos. Upon returning it, my eye caught something in the camera case, something familiar: a larger, bulky camera with lots of dials and buttons on it.  It was a Nikon D40. I picked it up to my eye, zoomed in and out, looked at the sales Rep, smiled and said, “I’ll take it.”

I was on my lunch break at the time so when I got back to work I immediately took it out of the box and started shooting various objects. One of my very first photos with my camera was of a cluttered mess on my desk: a Fritos bag, a can of Pepsi, some duct tape, the keys to my car and my lens cap. Using my fingers to twist the barrel of the camera to zoom in and out I took a 1/60sec f/5.6 ISO400 55mm photo. I was absolutely hooked.

20,000 photos later I have thoroughly outgrown my D40.  My 18-55mm lens barrel has pulled apart, the body of the camera is worn smooth from the repeated grip of my fingers, the strap is fraying and the rubber door protecting my ports has fallen off, but I still have the original lens cap and the battery is still going strong. It is my trusty friend and I love this camera.  Do I want a new one?  Heck yes.  I am always looking for excuses for making a purchase.  I am always complaining about something but the truth is the best camera you can have is the one that is in your hand.  This blog is dedicated to show people that you don’t need a $2000 camera and a $3000 lens to make good photos.  Will I upgrade my camera?  Yes someday, hopefully soon I will.  But until that time I will continue to use my Nikon D40 and continue taking amazing photos, busted lens and all. I will post those amazing photos here on the blog for all to see. Be inspired to shoot.

Nikon D40


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