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Recently I have been reading about shooting with a specific goal in mind. To go out on a photowalk and shoot a color, a shape, an idea or really just whatever theme you can think of. I have read that it releases you to see just that theme in your environment. It helps you to cut through the clutter of your surroundings and hone in on an idea. On this photowalk that I took with my wife I wanted to do just that. I decided to keep it broad however. I went into my camera settings and set the color to black and white. Now this doesn’t actually reformat all the images to black and white but just processes them on my camera’s LCD as black and white. In fact once I imported my images into Lightroom they reverted back to color. For the photoshoot though all I saw was the black and white version. I IMMEDIATELY saw tonal value and shape in a drastically new way. Wether you would like to say that I had my eyes opened or my focus narrowed it was a refreshing and wonderful experience. I shot for tones and composition, easily deciphering the light and shadows. Color seemed to have been cluttering my vision and in its absence I felt the freedom to put all of my experience to the test. My mind let go of the years of conditioning after the very first shutter click. It was a pure joy to shoot this way. Here are some things I saw along the way.

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