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Professional Real Estate Photography

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Professional Real Estate Photography

Jacob Macias: Professional real estate photography service for San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and the entire East Bay

In order to procure professional photographs there is plenty of work that goes into the entire process of the photo. It starts with using professional equipment. Full frame camera, special wide angle lenses, a sturdy tripod and off camera lighting. The thought of the shot is next, angle of camera in relation to the room, direction of light, color, contrast, exposure and alignment to square are just a few things to consider. During post production, the professional efforts continue by developing a properly exposed clean image on color calibrated monitors that enhance the details of the shot in a natural and true way.

In short, a professional photographer's experience is needed to pull all the details out of a room in a pleasing way that leaves the final image bright, spacious and appealing. If you are in need of professional real estate photography let Jacob Macias get your job done. With a quick 48 hour turn around time you'll have beautiful images to market your home in no time.

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Professional Real Estate Photography

Professional real estate photography is exactly what we do here. Bringing the best out of any home or office takes a lot of experience. Count on the experience of Jacob Macias who has been shooting real estate photography in the Bay Area since 2012.