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Seeing Me

Image of Seeing Me

My idea for this photo which is titled Seeing Me was to get in tight on the light and allow the perception to take the lines diagonally through the fame to lead your eyes front to back. To help isolate the idea I chose a black and white format. This helps to subtract the distraction that the bright show stopping fire engine red color was doing to my image. I chose a large aperture to create a shallow depth of field to create a nice sharp focus on the first light. This gives you a nice starting point, along with the brighter interior housing you can’t help but check that light out first. The leading lines then take you down through the rest of the frame. I wanted your next stop to be at the second light. I used some dodge and burn to add depth and draw more interest to it. I wanted to create a larger stage for it so I brought the reflection forward by dodging the outer area and  then reinforcing the depth by darkening the shadow just behind the light housing. The crop was also important for this image. I wanted a nice tight focus on the shinny ornaments adorning the front of the fire engine and the compression of the crop helps guide your eye down the length of the image.

[photo_frame frame_style=”rounded”][/photo_frame]


17mm 1/30 second f/5.6 ISO 100

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