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Smith be Unto God

Image of Smith be unto God

Ok seriously. I do not try to spend my time in graveyards, but between the last couple of posts I am sure some of you are wondering. I call this shot “Smith be unto God” because that was the name on the rather impressive headstone. This image was a bit of a setup, but the light was GORGEOUS! Just look at it. Low in the sky, warming up to the “golden hour” and a perfect back-light for this image. When I saw this image I set my tripod down and got it ready for an HDR exposure. I knew it was going to be the only way to get the foreground and the background properly exposed, short of using a graduated ND filter (which I did not have with me). I loved how a few of the flowers were glowing from the sun that was hitting them. In post production I realized how the lean of the palm tree (because of my angle to it with my wide lens) and the statue were headed in the same direction. This adds a great dramatic tension to scene. It is only reinforced with all of the flowers seeming blowing towards the statue as well. I did get a bit of blur in a few of the flowers that were in the shadow. This was to be expected because I was doing multiple exposures and any breeze was going to move them from their original position. That is OK though, I actually think they add to the photo, giving the scene movement. By placing the sun directly behind the statue I was able to create a “holy glow” around it which I thought was a nice effect for religious reference in which it was meant.

Image of Smith be unto God


ISO 100 f19 1/15 sec


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