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Star Bright

image of star bright

I have a always been drawn to the missions in California. There are 21 missions in total stretching from just 20 miles north of the Mexico boarder in San Diego to as far north as Sonoma that is 40 miles north of San Francisco. That spans over a 500 mile distance.  The fascination for me is the ornate details that take me back to a place that I can not fully conceive. It is in that moment that my imagination has no bounds. I ponder the possibilities and attempt to surmise the circumstances for with what purpose the things that are before me were meant.  The emblems on candlesticks, the pattern in the tile, the garments adorning bodies, the symbols in carvings, the arrangement of pillars, windows and pews. Everything is so enchanting to me. I could spend hours at each location finding detail upon detail to prospect, photograph and contemplate. I hope to visit each of the 21 missions multiple times and continue to find the joy in the all the elements that make up this alluring subject. I have already posted other images from trips to missions, however I am going to create a new category for work done specifically at these locations.


I call this photo Star Bright. What drew me to this photograph was the lavish chandelier set against the distressed planks that made up the ceiling. The soft warm glow from the bulbs and the pattern of the boards made it a symmetrical shot in both tone and pattern. For the photo I had to use a tripod because the light given off by the chandelier was so dim I had to use a 10 second exposure.

[photo_frame frame_style=”rounded”][/photo_frame]


ISO 100 f/13 10 sec



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