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Steak House Shoot

I recently finished some commercial work for a local steak house shoot. I was put in charge of delivering three genres of photography for them. Product photography (plated food), architectural and lifestyle. Although I shoot product day in and day out this was going to be different. In my studio I have time to position the product and shape the light, enhance highlights or shadows and work my product to the final concept. With the steak house shoot I had under 1 minute to get everything right. The food was on its way to the tables to be eaten. I had to reshape on the fly. It was a LOT of pressure. Luckily I had an assistant with me. She helped me setup and then kept an eye on the images to make sure they were turning out correctly. Once I got the lights, camera and my Surface into position it was showtime. Here are some of the product photos that came out of the shoot.

[photo_grid photos=”3139,3143,3140,3141″ layout=”13″ fancybox=”true”]

The second phase was going to be architecture. Typically I would shoot HDR and bracket my exposures in real estate, however this restaurant is only open at night so I was not going to have a problem with bright highlights blowing out my windows. I was going to use my brand new 600EX-RT and light only what I wanted lit in the scene. I set my camera up, put a CTO gel on my flash and used the radio trigger to walk around the scene and remote trigger my shutter. Overall the 600EX-RT worked exquisitely. It did have a few misfires though, but not a big problem for me. Once I shot the scene lighting everything I used Photoshop to composite them all back together into one image. Here are a few images from the architectural phase.

[photo_grid photos=”3148,3149,3150,3147″ layout=”13″ fancybox=”true”]

The third phase lifestyle, although initially discussed and quoted became a little out of their budget so we put the plans for the lifestyle on hold. We will bring in models and have them do what you do in fine steak house. Eat tasty cows and drink great wine.

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