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Steps of Gradation

Image of Steps of Gradation

Steps of Gradation is an image I took while I was in San Jose, California. The sun was getting low and I wanted to use the angle of the sun to help add dimension to the rest of the photos I was going to take. I looked for objects that would have strong shadow play that would create depth. This tall scene was perfect. The foundation of rock had terrific contrast running along  the veins of the old stones. The tera cota tiles on the lower structure are replete with sharp angular light. The shape of bell tower thicker at the bottom than at the top (caused by lens distortion) turned out to be a great leading line to the roof where the overhang has a great deal of texture and shape to look at. Black and white only helps to reinforce my original idea of shape and form, depth and texture.

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Steps of Gradation

ISO 100 1/45sec f/19


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