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Stone Brewing

Stone Brewings epic bottle photography

When we set out to create unique images for Stone Brewing the words that were circulated were words like bold, dark and heroic. These images were most definitely going to have to be a departure from the typical clean, soft light shots we are accustomed to seeing. We wanted to make a punch in the face type impact. Stone Brewing is celebrating its 20th year in business. Their operations and collaborations is a long and distinguished list. As the 15th largest brewery in the United State they are no longer the underdog. No, they are a full fledged pack leading innovator. They take a big mean bite out of tradition, put it through their masher and spit out some hoppy, grab life by the horns brews. Their philosophy runs deep and wild. They grow by leaps and bounds every year and show no signs of slowing down, opening breweries in VA and Germany to meet the demand. This is a daring company and only daring photos would be appropriate for them.

Now that we know more about Stone Brewing and can put down on paper what words that describe them, now what? Daring? Bold? How do you make that transition into bottle photography? You can start with the use of intense color for one. Unique application of that color for another. Round it all out with hard, crisp lighting with a ton of contrast and now you’re getting somewhere. With this recipe in mind we set out to shoot the following tradition departing images for Stone Brewing.

Stone brewing and their radical images

Ruination 2.0


Citrusy Wit

Black IPA

We could not be more pleased with the images that came out of the studio those few days. We set out to execute something that that would meld well with the fearless brand of Stone Brewing and we nailed it.

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