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Tag : Lomography

20 Nov 2013
side by side2

Lawn Chairs

My Crappy Camera A blog dedicated to show everyone that a crappy camera can take amazing photos To start out my first blog entry that is suppose to showcase my crappy camera skills, I am going to take you all back quite a long ways. This picture is extra special to me. It is one of the first pictures I took while I tried to execute a scene, a concept that I saw in my mind. It was also taken […]

22 Jun 2013
New York Trip-7

What I saw in New York City

My wife and I took our first trip to The Big Apple on the 10th anniversary of the World Trade center tragedy. We were a bit nervous being there because of the significance of a decade of remembering the fallen could have spawned another attack. We flew out there nonetheless Sept 9th, 2011 we had high expectations of the acclaimed metropolis. We were very excited as this was our first trip to the east coast together and what better way […]