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07 Aug 2014

Changing Room for Winners

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love shooting California missions. To learn the history alone is enough to make me salivate but my most favorite thing to do at these places is to shoot them. Shoot the hell out of them, and then come and and reshoot the hell out of them. There are so many details in absolutely everything and I could spend a lot of time discovering and documenting them. I hope to always live close enough […]

05 Jun 2014
Image of Cross on White

Cross on White

I call this image Cross on White. It was shot while I was visiting the mission in San Jose, CA. As soon as I saw this scene I knew I wanted to produce it in black and white. Being black and white I knew that the shapes I was so evidently seeing would be even more pronounced. The sun was high in the sky and it was creating very dramatic shadows and hard contrast all over the scene. The cross itself was very […]

29 May 2014
image of star bright

Star Bright

I have a always been drawn to the missions in California. There are 21 missions in total stretching from just 20 miles north of the Mexico boarder in San Diego to as far north as Sonoma that is 40 miles north of San Francisco. That spans over a 500 mile distance.  The fascination for me is the ornate details that take me back to a place that I can not fully conceive. It is in that moment that my imagination […]

19 May 2014
Image of Smith be unto God

Smith be Unto God

Ok seriously. I do not try to spend my time in graveyards, but between the last couple of posts I am sure some of you are wondering. I call this shot “Smith be unto God” because that was the name on the rather impressive headstone. This image was a bit of a setup, but the light was GORGEOUS! Just look at it. Low in the sky, warming up to the “golden hour” and a perfect back-light for this image. When I […]

08 May 2014

Deaths Door

I call this image deaths door. This is a door leading in from a graveyard, it is a little hard to tell but you can see a small skull and crossbones motif over the door. It took me by complete surprise  when I noticed it. I am not used to seeing things like this, but I guess it literally has its place. The focus for this image is not necessarily the skull and crossbones but the entire scene. I found […]

05 May 2014


This image is titled ‘Merchandise’.  I was in a store the other day, a no doubt very catholic store, and seeing the selection of crucifixes took me back to my childhood.  I remember a crucifix hanging in my grandparents’ house.  As a young boy I read the word INRI above the form of Jesus and thought that was how you spelled Jesus in Spanish since my grandparents are Mexican.  I had to chuckle at my ingenuous and young mind.  I […]

29 Apr 2014
Image of Dinghy Done

Dinghy Done

As I stood on the deck shooting the tall masts juxtaposed against each other in this scene  I saw this small craft making its way through the scene. Typically my first reaction would be to wait for it to pass out of my frame. This time however I quickly thought of letting it add to my scene. I knew I wanted a couple of things to happen to draw attention to it. 1. I knew that in order to draw attention […]

22 Apr 2014
Image of Seeing Me

Seeing Me

My idea for this photo which is titled Seeing Me was to get in tight on the light and allow the perception to take the lines diagonally through the fame to lead your eyes front to back. To help isolate the idea I chose a black and white format. This helps to subtract the distraction that the bright show stopping fire engine red color was doing to my image. I chose a large aperture to create a shallow depth of […]

17 Apr 2014
Crop for focus image

Crop for focus

I live very close to a rather large community of windmills. When I was younger I used to travel through this seemingly endless field of tall white towers on my way to see my grandparents. They actually made me car sick, I guess because I wouldn’t look away. Nowadays I live a short 5 minute drive from them and I surprised myself by having only one other photo of them, I would show it to you, but it is gross. […]

15 Apr 2014
Image of "Textured Shroom"


This little mushroom cap was laying out on the dry, hot, cracked earth. It was soaking up all the heat the sun could throw at it. Slowly decaying but refusing to succumb to the same dismal existence that had befallen its surroundings just yet. I was immediately moved to document its resilience to the elements that were attempting to break it. Trampled and beaten, battered and bruised this mushroom cap mocked its transgressor in a style fitting a cavalier battle worn […]