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30 Jan 2014

Catching Sun

My Crappy Camera

A blog dedicated to show everyone that a crappy camera can take amazing photos


My next installment is a fairly simple subject with big time pop. This is afforded because of the placement of the subject. The more I shoot the more I realize that the rule of thirds is where anyone should start. Placing that subject right on one of the intersecting 1/3 lines (more on that rule from a great blog HERE)  The rule is just so damn harmonious. It brings balance and subject focus. Of course there is more to this photo than simple subject placement. I also give credit to the extremely small depth of field. This is a very small section, maybe an inch of the center of the flower that is in focus. In front of and behind that 1 inch the focus falls off. This selective focus helps attract your eye to the subject, the center of the flower. Now, it is commonly held that a large aperture would create such an out of focus throw like this but it is not true in this case. Would you believe I shot this at f4.5? Yup, I did. I was just extremely close. The closer you are to your subject the more you can fake a higher aperture and thus throw things out of focus. The complimentary colors is also a pleasing effect. The red and green that is found naturally are complimentary of each other which naturally set a tranquility to the whole image. They play nice with each other. Like Buster Posey and the entire pitching staff for the San Francisco Giants. They just mesh. (Maybe not catch a perfect game mesh, but pretty good) I did do a slight reduction of the vibrancy for this photo. This helps accentuate the complementary colors and placement. Without further adieu I give you “Catching Sun”


Image of Catching Sun

Catching Sun

25 Jan 2014
Contempt for Gravity

Contempt for Gravity

Thought of the Shot A blog to show you step by step how I arrive at my final image   WHY SHOOT IT? We have all seen the swing ride at fairs, amusement parks and boardwalks. Many of us have taken a spin on it as well. As a young boy that was one of the first rides I was tall enough to get on and my first encounter was pretty spectacular. As the platform sinks away and you become […]

23 Jan 2014

Sycamore Grove Park in January

[photo_grid photos=”2395,2394,2392″ layout=”12″ fancybox=”false”] My Crappy Camera A blog dedicated to show everyone that a crappy camera can take amazing photos This is the first “shoot” of the year. My wife and I refused to sit in the house on the most spectacular January Sunday in the history of January Sundays. It was an absolute divine 73 degrees and sunny. We went to our recently favorited spot, Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore Cali-forn-i-a. We took our bikes this time in […]

20 Nov 2013
side by side2

Lawn Chairs

My Crappy Camera A blog dedicated to show everyone that a crappy camera can take amazing photos To start out my first blog entry that is suppose to showcase my crappy camera skills, I am going to take you all back quite a long ways. This picture is extra special to me. It is one of the first pictures I took while I tried to execute a scene, a concept that I saw in my mind. It was also taken […]