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28 Apr 2015
Beating the Flow

Beating the Flow

Learning a new camera trick is both refreshing and exciting for me. I say refreshing not because “I know it all” but I have seen so many “tricks/tips” that I rarely raise my eyebrows because of something new. There is so much of the same regurgitated rhetoric out there that if you spend any time at all browsing the web you are bound to see the same ol’ hook over and over again. So what could possibly have piqued my […]

22 Apr 2015

Roem Baur

My buddy Roem Baur (You can find his music and site here ) was in town last week and he invited me to his show. He was playing at Tap 25, if you are in the East Bay and you find yourself needing to whet your whistle I recommend this place for sure (more info here ) The show was great of course, he has some amazing pipes and thats probably why he ended up on The Voice, although he […]

14 Apr 2015


Recently I have been reading about shooting with a specific goal in mind. To go out on a photowalk and shoot a color, a shape, an idea or really just whatever theme you can think of. I have read that it releases you to see just that theme in your environment. It helps you to cut through the clutter of your surroundings and hone in on an idea. On this photowalk that I took with my wife I wanted to do just […]

21 Oct 2014

Steak House Shoot

I recently finished some commercial work for a local steak house shoot. I was put in charge of delivering three genres of photography for them. Product photography (plated food), architectural and lifestyle. Although I shoot product day in and day out this was going to be different. In my studio I have time to position the product and shape the light, enhance highlights or shadows and work my product to the final concept. With the steak house shoot I had […]

24 Sep 2014
Bell tower

Mission Bells

Mission Bells – Taken at San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission in Monterey, CA While admiring the immaculate grounds at the Monterey Mission I decided that I wanted to practice my graphic focused photography. I started by turning my camera off and then let my eyes just wander. I was not looking for anything in particular. I just wanted to clear my mind, refresh my perspective and see things anew. I sat on a small stone fence and just soaked it all […]

16 Sep 2014
600ex-rt example 1 image

Why I purchased the 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT

With so many off camera flash model available today I needed to be sure that the flash I chose would work for me now and into the future. After all is said and done, I chose the Canon 600EX-RT and the ST-E3-RT radio trigger.

26 Aug 2014
Image of Farmhouse Road

Farmhouse Road

This blog features yet another picture from my Highway 1 travels. I call this one Farmhouse Roads. This trip was all about leisure. We were taking our time driving down the 1, we had ample time until we would arrive at our next destination which was only about a 2 hour drive from Moneterey. I wanted to fully immerse myself into my craft. If I saw something that caught my eye then my obligation to myself was to stop and shoot […]

19 Aug 2014
image of tiny town 2

Tiny Towns

In this picture that I call Tiny Towns I used perspective control to help the focus of the image. This technique is a trademark of a Tilt and Shift lens right out of camera, however with the digital age it can be replicated very quickly in post. I will take you through the process so that you can add it to some of your works. [photo_frame frame_style=”rounded”][/photo_frame] TINY TOWNS ISO 100 F/11 1/90sec Note: This effect tends to make it […]

14 Aug 2014
Image of heavenly formations

Morro Bay CA

Living on the west coast I have become accustomed to the unique landscape photography that is here. During the fourth of July I decided to take my wife down to West Hollywood to visit some good friends of ours, Ashley and Jason. Our plan was to drive down and stay in a few of the coastal towns along the way. One of our overnight stays was going to be at one such pronounced landmark city, Morro Bay CA. Upon arriving in Morro […]

07 Aug 2014

Changing Room for Winners

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love shooting California missions. To learn the history alone is enough to make me salivate but my most favorite thing to do at these places is to shoot them. Shoot the hell out of them, and then come and and reshoot the hell out of them. There are so many details in absolutely everything and I could spend a lot of time discovering and documenting them. I hope to always live close enough […]