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06 Mar 2014
Picture of the golden gate bridge

City Dump

I chose the humorous title of City Dump because this view is anything but a city dump. The old rusting debris of pipes only adds the history of this great city. We don’t have to be told, we all know this is San Francisco. Of all the things I shoot in the bay area this bridge is my most favorite. It is alive! It breathes a new demeanor every time I frame it up in my viewfinder. If I ever […]

05 Feb 2014

The Wharf

My Crappy Camera A blog dedicated to show everyone that a crappy camera can take amazing photos   The Wharf is an image of one of my most favorite cities of all. San Francisco CA. I used the gigantic fisherman wharf sign to anchor (no pun intended) the image down. As I chose a split tone for this image I noticed that the same crab red (now a bit orange with my filter) was present in three places. The sign, […]