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The Wharf

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The Wharf is an image of one of my most favorite cities of all. San Francisco CA. I used the gigantic fisherman wharf sign to anchor (no pun intended) the image down. As I chose a split tone for this image I noticed that the same crab red (now a bit orange with my filter) was present in three places. The sign, the trolley and the stop light. I loved how this all came together and played throughout the image. I let my main subject dominate the upper 1/3rd of the frame, the trolley coming into the frame adds to the dynamism of the image. I love how the sign is just changing on the bus from fisherman wharf to the next stop. With the old trolley in the image I felt a washed out yesteryear look would work well. While shooting this I put effort into keeping the modern cars out of the frame to help the “take me back feel.”


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