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Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Things have changed drastically for me in the beginning of the new year in regards to my photography. I am now the owner of a much more professional full frame camera. This will be my first post with images shot by that camera. Now you all know I am a huge proponent of the idea that great images are made from whatever camera is in your hands. Using solid technique and understanding the quality of your light makes all the difference in the world. I made the choice to take my photography business to the next level. I invested into a top of the line wide angle lens, I even was convinced to make the switch from Nikon to Canon. It is not about Canon being better than Nikon it was just that the best camera for this point in my life happened to be a Canon. Who knows, maybe someday I will make the switch back. But for what its worth Nikon was my first love, and I still own that trusty D40. Now onto the good stuff. The image.

This photo believe it or not is my very first from Treasure Island. I have lived in the east bay for 8 years now and have crossed the Bay Bridge hundreds of times but have yet to make the stop on the rock that sits all by itself out in the bay. My wife and I had just had an incredible day of leisure in the city, we visited the San Francisco Bay Aquarium, we walked from the ferry building all the way to the end of the Embarcadero and back. A trip that took us 8 hours to complete. We stopped along the way to take pictures. We had a couple bites to eat and just soaked up each others company. We had ZERO schedule and no one to prohibit us from doing whatever we felt like doing. It was SPECTACULAR! After our long day of exploring we decided to head back home. Although I was happy with the photos that I was producing, they were the ones you keep for yourself. The photos that no one will likely see, but I did have a goal to shoot at least one that I could post for everyone to see. As far as I was concerned I had a couple good ones but nothing great yet. I thought to myself, I am exhausted but this is for the team. So I sucked it up, and took the exit onto Treasure Island. Without further adieu, I give you my shot from that night. Oh, and something else that I took for the team. I also was far closer to a raccoon than I ever hope to be again in this lifetime. Little furry bags of rabies hiding in the rocks trying to steal my new Canon!

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