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Vineyards Abound in Livermore 2

Image of Vineyards Abound in Livermore ShotByJacob

This is one of my favorite images from the vineyards in Livermore, CA. I live fairly close to this one and I always find myself  staring up into the hills at all the vines. This became one of my favorites because of the dynamic shape. There is a very strong leading line taking you into the back of the frame. Then the playful curve of the hill takes you to the left and as you do, you notice the difference in the clouds as they get darker. You follow the vines from the left of the frame back to the right then you start all over again. On the second trip around you start to notice details, like the vines themselves, the drip hoses, and even the pattern that the vines display because of the way they are planted. I like to think about what is beyond the horizon, down the path and on the other side of the sloping hills. The dominant shape in this image is the triangle, and the triangle is extremely strong in tension. There are three in this image, not talking about the multiple triangles in the layout of the vines themselves. I really do love this image, and if anyone had shot this I would be saying the exact same thing.

Image of Vineyards Abound in Livermore ShotByJacob


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