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Vineyards Abound in Livermore

Picture of Livermore vineyard

I took this shot on a recent photowalk that my wife and I were enjoying. It was a beautiful, perfect day. A day that we have become accustomed to in the Bay Area, we certainly were going to take advantage. There is a local vineyard right outside our neighborhood and I had been meaning to scale the steep hills since moving into our condo a little over a year ago. There are 53 wineries in my hometown of Livermore and I hope to shoot them all. I half expected my wife to refuse to climb the hills because they were so steep, but she grabbed my outstretched hand and chugged along. I remember the sun was setting and I wanted a picture of the sun peeking through the vines. The sun however was not cooperating. It was too low and setting quickly. I decided to work with what I had. I composed an HDR (bracket shooting to expose extreme contrast) and held my breath so as not to disturb the shutter as it shot off 5 frames in less than a second (love my new camera) I got the shot I wanted and descended down the hill back to my house. As soon as I got back into my home I plugged the camera up and went to work compiling the HDR. After an exposure balance I did a quick crop and was satisfied. This is what I captured that day.

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Vineyards Abound in Livermore

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